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3 Steps To Staying On the Path with God

Are you on the right track?

Pensive Woman on a Rural Scene Looking at a Map
Pensive Woman on a Rural Scene Looking at a Map

Navigation: the process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route. The science of getting you from one place to the next. The methold of determining position, course, and distance traveled. To walk or drive safely and soberly. To direct or manage on its course.

I don’t know if any of you but the navigation system in my car and the GPS app on my phone is fundamentally necessary; I can’t function without it! The thing that I love about it is that its built in system locates you where you are, you put in the place that you want to go, and presto! Just like that, accurate, precise directions to your destination! Turn left, 3 miles up turn right. A quarter of a mile, veer to the right. Exit 176b, 2.5 miles ahead.

Road trip. Couple driving car and using gps navigator
Road trip. Using God’s GPS will get you there every time

After a while though, that girl can get on your nerves! You make a wrong turn and she’s on you! “Wrong exit, turn right.” I lot of times I don’t want to go in the direction she’s taking me because I believe I can get there by taking a different, quicker route. There are many times that I’ve tried to disregard the directions given by Ms. Navigator and end up getting lost, looking like a fool! But no matter what detours or wrong moves I’ve taken, I have always been able to get right back on track, simply by listening to the instructions given. That rerouting component is every thang!

As you have placed your goals down for 2020, every thing hasn’t gone as planned. But don’t you worry, His GPS will save the day: GOD’s Positioning System! God has already spiritually located you and He knows exactly where you are and the steps needed to get you precisely there and on time to your Destination. Even if you’ve taken detours, attempting to steer the direction of your own life, God has always had the ability to navigate you back on the path He’s intended for you.

Now that you have God back in the driving seat, all your job is to do now is to drive safely and soberly. As He allows you to steer, keep both hands on the wheels, keep your focus, eyes straight ahead, and stick to the directions. And please, don’t try to put on your make-up while driving! 😉

Re-route– Write down or look back at your goals that you’ve already written, now spend time in prayer for direction, listening for God’s instructions as to what mile is next. What immediate changes do I need to make first? What do I need to remove off the road in front of me so that I can drive ahead?  Get use to God steering your life instead of your intellect, feelings, and emotions. Proverbs 3:5, 6

Perfect dream team at auto service
Keeping the Oil Changed

Maintenance– Every smooth running destiny needs an oil change, spiritual wheel alignment, and oh!…don’t forget to check the tire pressure.  Psalms 16:11

1.Oil is for anointing, the power within to access. The level of your power is going to be predicated on your time spent in the presence of God. Oil changes daily magnifies the power. Exchange some of that useless TV and Social Media time for the Oil.

2. Drive into your prayer closet for a spiritual checkup to ensure that you are in alignment with God’s Will. As you are driving along the path of your destiny, you will have every opportunity to choose things that God’s not in; what I call good things but not God things. Ensure that you are in alignment with what God has for you and not what other’s want. Go ahead, practice with me: “No! No! No!” Ahhh! Didn’t that feel great! Don’t be afraid to say no to ‘good’ things that come to distract you from reaching your goal by overloading you with things you weren’t called to.

3. Oh, and the pressure on the tires! Pressure comes to every destiny. When you feel weighed down and overwhelmed, stop and get some air! Don’t get so overwhelmed that you allow satan to back you in the corner with stress and anxiety. Dump the load so that you can carry out what God has for you! Psalms 55:22

Woman talking on mobile phone at petrol pump station
Don’t forget to stop and fuel

Fuel-I don’t care how sharp or expensive the car is, you can’t go anywhere without gas. Yes, God paid a lot to get an expensive thing such as yourself, but if you don’t fuel up, you will not be able to go forward. Pull up to pump number 8 and fill up on John 4:31-34. Spend a few minutes in the morning, perhaps on your lunch break or this evening before your head hits the pillow in the Word of God. Psalms 119:105

Focus-Stop driving through the rear view mirror. If you’re constantly looking in the rear view mirror you will eventually slow up the process and never get to your destination by always looking back. Always remember that your past is for educational purposes only, not to dwell in. Luke 17:34

Safely & Soberly!- The only way that the enemy has access to us is when we take down our guard or open a gateway to him through sin. Remove anything out of your life that would contaminate you and the Holy Spirit. Ensure that you remain sober, dwell in righteousness, and walk in holiness, then, buckle up and enjoy the ride to your destiny! 1 Peter 5:8 Titus 2:12 

Drive In Style!  

Dr. Ty

Inspiration Physician

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside