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5 Powerful Steps To Get Your Relationship Back With God

The 5 Rs to Restoring your Relationship with God

Facial Expressions Of Young Black Woman On Brick Wall
Facial Expressions Of Young Black Woman On Brick Wall

There’s no better time than now to get your #relationshipwithGod right. No matter how long you’ve been away from Him or what sins have separated you from Him, the great thing about God is that He always stands ready to forgive, waiting with open arms. Psalm 86:5

Here’s a few simple ways to do that:

1. #Repent. Confess and repent of any sin or anything that separates you from God. Isaiah 59:2, 1 John 1:9, Romans 10:9

2. #Restore. Begin spending time with the Lord on a daily basis. To develop or strengthen any relationship, it will require your time. So Make time for Him. Spend a few moments in prayer every day. ?? Mark 1:35, John 15:1-5

3. #Remove. The word repent is not simply confessing your sins, but also turning away from them. Remove anything out of your life that are hindrances to you faith walk with God. Take an inventory of your daily habits, associations, relationships, what you watch or listen to and remove those things out of your life. Matthew 3:8, Hebrews 12:1, Ephesians 5:3,

4. #Read. The word repent is not just confessing your sins and turning away from them (steps 1 & 3), but the root word of repent in its original Greek definition means the turning and changing of the mind. Repentance literally means to change your mind. The only way to convert or change the mind is through the Word. Make time to spend reading your Bible on a daily basis and you will begin to see changes in your life. “Be transformed by renewing your mind.” Romans 2:2, Psalm 119:9-11, Psalm 19:7, Hebrews 4:12

5. #Reap. Now sit back and enjoy your blessings, reap the benefits of living for God. Righteous living harvests blessings. Galatians 6:7-9, Matthew 6:33, Isaiah 1:19, Psalm 68:19
© Ty Adams, president #GirlsgoneGod

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside