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7 Myths About Singles Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex

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The Ugly Myth

The only reason why a person would wait until marriage to have sex is because they’re ugly, unattractive and can’t get a date. No one would try and have sex with them so it’s easy for them to refrain from sex.

The Truth

That’s actually hilarious and holds no truth whatsoever, because what someone considers attractive is relative to one’s own preference or what they deem to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all forms and different degrees, and there are kahzillions of “attractive” people that are waiting until marriage to have sex because they believe it’s a beautiful thing to preserve lovemaking for the one that finds their sexual purity and their commitment to the Lord as one of the highest levels of self-love. The ugly truth is that if a person believes that their outward appearance holds its value for the exchange of sex, then if they hold a mirror facing inward, what would glare back will be the very thing that’s not appealing. The inner screenshots of sexually active Singles is what we should be concerned with.

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Excerpts from “Keep Victoria A Secret” and “Single, Saved, & Having Sex” by Ty Adams


Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside