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We have tried everything. Whether it was happiness, success, or chasing after love—even if they were good—there was always something missing. We’ve come to realize that after chasing after everything to find fulfillment, you will never truly find it until you find God. Everything must be in, around, centered, and have its foundation in God for your life to function at its greatest capacity.

At GirlsGoneGod™ we believe that when you truly go after God, at the point of no return, when you completely sell out to Him and throw yourself into a complete love relationship with Him, your life will literally change and you will never be the same! You won’t simply be a Christian that wears the title, but you will actually see the fruit and blessings of having that direct, relentless, unwavering relationship with the Lord! And that will spill over into every area of your life! Because once you get GOD you will GLOW in every area of your life!

In 2008, that is the reason that we established GirlsGoneGod™—for you to get that GOD GLOW! Our mission and #1 goal is to get you to see God through every scope and footprint of your life and reap all the blessings and benefits of having a true relationship with God. How would you like to see God in your relationships, your career, your finances, in your parenting, in your everyday lifestyle? How about in your personal life, your mind, body, and soul, all the way down through your pancreas?!!! Well, GirlsGoneGod™ is the online catalyst for spiritual revolution!

G3 offers real solutions for women all around the world. With advice-driven content and solution-oriented, this widely diverse resource center serves to provide a wellspring of practical tips and expert insight on topics like faith, relationships, beauty, health and wellness, career, entertainment, and much more!

In our 2020 relaunch, we will accomplish this through all-new powerful content, articles, blogs, TV shows, online workshops and courses, and events. We will provide you with every resource and tool to get you deeply connected to God in fun, creative, and amazing ways that you all are going to absolutely love! Armed with the raw truth that cuts to the heart of the issues that matter most, GirlsGoneGod™ is life-changing for those in search of answers with reckless abandonment! This is your home to getting everything God! Get ready as we ignite radical faith and growth in your life through our 3-part mission: God. Glow. Go!

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside