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Are Your Babies Growing Too Fast?

Are Your Babies Growing Too Fast? - Family

I remember my mom saying, “They are going to grow faster than you think.” I didn’t believe her when there was the all-nighters, the feedings, the crying, the tubes in the ears, the bottles, the diapers that seemed to never end. It seemed as though time was standing still. Then came holding up their head, rolling over, and the crawling all over the house. Then came walking, always terrified they were going to fall, then walking wasn’t enough, they had to begin running.

Playing with those little colored rings, trains, dolls, toys that seemed to overtake the house. The noise, the smells, and oh the days seemed so long, and then came the baths, and time for bed which no one wanted to do, except me, and that was far and in between. The making mud pies, the big holes in our yard from playing cars and trucks, and let’s not forget the army men with Barbie and Ken. Summer nights outside until the fireflies were alive and ready to catch. Winter days spent making snowmen and angels and cleaning up all the wet clothes. Here came kindergarten and all the pictures on the fridge, the parties at school, and they began making new friends. Some were real and for one of our children he had many make believe friends. It really was the best.

They all had names, they would sit at the dinner table with us, and our son would even open the front door for them when they knocked or so he said. Playing in my make-up, playing dress-up in Grandma’s old clothes from yard sales. Riding bikes with sweat running down their faces, with no way possible of coming in and cooling off. The fireworks that were so cool, to hear them say “Ooh and Awe.” Going to get ice cream cones and watching it drip down their chins. The scraped up knees, the bruised elbows, we seem to have it all.

Kindergarten graduation was all a stir, and of course with Mom sitting there and can’t control her tears. Then for us it was home school. Learning their ABC’s in their PJ’s while eating breakfast. There were so many firsts, and I remember them all so well. And it is true, time does go by so fast, from kindergarten naps to high school graduation comes so quickly. If I could give any advice at all, it would be not to think of the time passing, but enjoy each and every moment, whether it is good or bad.

You won’t always get along, you won’t always agree, you may never see eye to eye on some issues, but your love with only grow stronger with each passing year. To see our five children all almost grown I cannot believe how time has passed. With our youngest going to be a senior, I have to say, wow! He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m not ever letting him leave…lol!

It is hard to watch your children grow, to take new steps, to make choices on their own, and to not need you as much to hold their hands. We seem to go from holding their hand to cross the street, and then it’s taking their hand to give them away to the one they love forever. It is not only hard to watch your little ones grow, but it is exciting too. As parents we have done our job well, we have made mistakes along the way, but we can see that our children have taken what we have given out of love and have become their own people. Isn’t that what we were supposed to do, prepare them for life?

God blessed our lives with these beautiful little people, to raise with His love, to raise them to love Him, and to teach them right from wrong. I can say for myself, I still need my mom. I love her more today than yesterday. If I could stand in her place of pain I would. I would love to take her place so she could enjoy reading again, and living each day.

We go from taking care of our children, to taking care of our parents who once took such great care for us. It is a circle of love. Take each day and never take one moment for granted, think before you speak, and always take time out for yourself before you give them discipline for a wrong action. Remember you were once a child, a teenager, and a young adult.

Our children changed our lives forever, and forever will be changed by our children. They will make great impacts on the future. As their future was once in our hands, our future is in theirs now. Love them, hug them, and take each day, just one moment in time and hold them tight letting them know just how much you love them. Don’t be too busy to laugh, and to make a mess. Jump on the beds, and paint on the sidewalk. For each moment they will remember for a lifetime also.

The good always far outweighs the bad, and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Let the Father lead you, give love, and forgive. Make the best of each and every day. Blow bubbles, put a puzzle together, read a book together and make each day a smile.

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside