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Defeating Fear

Defeating Fear - Faith

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…

Psalms 23:4

Every leader must consistently conquer the fear of failure. But how do you overcome fear when it’s constantly harassing you?

According to National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 3.2 million American adults suffer from agoraphobia which involves intense fear of a situation which appears to be difficult to escape.  Approximately 6.3 million American adults suffer from what is called specific phobia which is a fear of a specific situation like sickness, failure or loss. These fears can appear to anyone in any given year.  These fears are purposed to paralyze you from being your absolute best every day.

I define F.E.A.R. as the False Evidence Appearing Real. The fear of failure or the fear of losing everything is not a reality, but a seductive trick of the mind to distract you from your purpose. Many people desire to do great exploits for God such as build great buildings, give large sums of money to ministry, develop multi-million dollar businesses or raise loving families.  However, strength comes from knowing God will protect you, promote you, and keep you from falling; even when things look hopeless. If you won’t fear and keep your mind on God’s word, God will turn things around, even at the last moment.

Identify the origin of fear which has kept you from moving forward. Open your mouth and rebuke it. Be fearless and witness to co-workers and others about how God has taken care of you. Have the audacity today to ask your employer for a promotion.  Be bold to talk to a bank about a loan for your new home.  Watch how the fear of failure will flee from your mind.

A dynamic speaker and best-selling author, Robert Watkins is the Chairman and CEO of Conquer Worldwide.

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside