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Single, Saved, and Having Sex

Our bestseller for more than 17 years! SHIPS THE SAME DAY*

80% of Single Christians have struggled or currently struggling with sexual purity until marriage.

That struggle ends NOW! This is an aggressive and accelerated 30-day celibacy guide that will empower Singles to end their struggle!

#1 on Amazon and Essence Magazine Bestseller

Single, Saved, and Having Sex

After coining the phrase and self-publishing the book with the same title, Ty Adams had no idea of the international demand that Single, Saved, and Having Sex Â would take on. Now following the success of the Time Warner Book Group edition, comes the expanded and updated edition of this bestselling book for Singles who struggle with the #1 issue that many single Christians face: struggling to live pure while single.

This compelling and riveting book now comes in a challenging, but practical, 30-day concentrated formula to empower singles on a journey to living sexually pure. No matter where you are on the journey:

—you will learn how to face temptation and overcome it

—break emotional and sexual soul ties

—recognize poor dating habits that cause sexual mishaps

—discover triggers that set you back

—what to do when it gets extremely difficult

—learn how to set healthy boundaries

—overcome loneliness and sexual traps

— end the roller coaster cycle of defeat and more!

End your Struggle NOW! Own it today!

*Ships same day when ordered by 3 p.m. EST

Single, Saved, and Having Sex -
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