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The Single Wife

Two of the biggest relationship mistakes that #women make is:
1. Waiting until they become a bride to become a wife.
2. Giving #wife benefits in #girlfriend status.
According to Proverbs 18:22, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing” she is found as a wife, so becoming a wife happens while you’re #Single. But if you give #wifebenefits to a #boyfriend you hinder or delay #wifestatus.
In The #SingleWife bestselling author Ty Adams masterfully brings clarity, balance, and the secret between the two.
With a central focus on all the issues you face as a single woman while becoming a wife, #thesinglewife is comprised of engaging chapters that will cover single life, dating, temptation, sex, marriage preparation, mate selection, lifestyle, and the waiting stages, where you’ll:
■Develop wife capacity while you’re Single
■heal from relational and emotional brokenness
■make it to your wedding night a pure bride, even if you’re not a virgin
■develop a powerful and successful single life in your purpose, career, and personal goals
■Discover why some women remain girlfriends while others effortlessly become a wife
■How to stop wasting your single years and your time in the wrong relationships
■How to spot and determine if he’s husband material
■overcome toxic and destructive relational habits and discover the building blocks of a successful relationship
■discover girlfriend habits that hinder or delay marriage and wife status
■how to attract a future husband instead of repeat boyfriends
■how to grow an intimate relationship without sacrificing your purity
■get a complete Future wife makeover from the inside out!
■How to become wife material without giving up wife benefits
■Discover and build the irresistible, must-have qualities of an unforgettable Wife, all while you’re Single!
This book is a must-have for every single woman and future wife! Get ready; just as when the student is ready the teacher appears, such is the case: “When the wife is ready, the husband will appear.”
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The Single Wife -
Author’s Masterclass
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