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33 Things Jesus Would Want Today’s Christian to Know

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33 Things Jesus would want the 21st Century Church (and Christian) to know. ©

️?️1. My Word doesn’t change because Society has. I said what I said.

?️2. When I walked Earth, I had more issues with the Church than I did with sinners, just as I do today.

?️3. I became a friend to sinners without becoming one.

?️4. Scoot over and let sinners in the Church.

?️5. I’m not invited nor do I come to some of your man attempted Church services. If I did come, for many of your churches, I would flip over tables. Many of your offerings are manipulation.

?️6. Some of the things you do in Church are not Biblical but you pass them off as such.

?️7. You think you have a relationship with Me without a relationship with the Word.

?️8. Many of you have a relationship with the church but not with Me. You think church attendance is a relationship.

?️9. You believe history books and Google, but not My Word.

?️10. I am the Bread of Life. Some of you only want the bread/the blessings though, but not the life I want you to live.

?️11. “Lord, Lord!” Many of you only call on Me when you need Me.

?️12. Just as Judas was, some are you.

?️13. I take screenshots, too.

?️14. Many pastors do not have my approval but they are used because they’re in the way, in order to get to the people I want to reach. But trust, I will deal with that.

?️15. My love is just as important as My judgment.

?️16. I’m not as weak as some portray Me to be.

?️17. Fake Christians is not an excuse to leave Me or become one.

?️18. Many of you apologize, but not repent.

?️19. I made Sex & Marriage, so I make the rules.

?️20.The image of the long ponytail-Jesus that you persistently pass off as Me is false, and silently aides racial and identity issues.

?️21. Stop tickling ears and teach the Word.

?️22. Many of you are fans of Me but not true followers.

?️23. I still do Miracles but your unbelief gets in the way.

?️24. I would’ve came back, but many of you would’ve been left behind. My love and long suffering gave you more time so you wouldn’t be left behind.

?️25. Many of you are like Eve, you question my love for you and question that my plan for life is best or not good enough.

?️26. Many of you made Me your Savior but not your Lord. You wanted to be rescued from Hell, but not from sin.

?️27. Many of you have made a life of living in sin, as a Christian. You have a form of godliness, but deny My power to live a Godly life. Stop sinning or something worse will come upon you.

?️28. You call me God, but you are your own god. But I can change your life, if you let Me be God.

?️29. Hell is real.

?️30. So is Heaven. 

?️31. I took your place in sin so that I could spend eternity with you.

?️32. I still forgive sins.

?️33. I love you.

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