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What I Wish Women Knew

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Growing up what I found to be uniquely interesting was my reasoning that women thought like men. I used to believe we were equal in how we retained knowledge about one another mentally and emotionally which left me ignorant of the nature of the woman but to my surprise it was quite the opposite. As a grown man now I’ve come to believe there are so many things I wish women knew about men.

1. A vital point that women should know is how essentially needed they are to us. The feminine energy they bring, the nurturing qualities they possess and the emotional comfort they give. When women develop qualities contrary to this they remove themselves from acquiring what they desire. (1 Pet 3:4-5)

2. Men are not overly impressed by the success of women. The idea that women who are more accomplished makes them more appealing is incorrect. To a man your level of education, your salary and your choice of employment is not as important to him as your femininity, domestic attributes and willing to submit to his leadership.

3. Men choose modesty over indecency. In today’s liberal culture women are taught that less is more and being ladylike is a thing of the past. The truth of the matter is the man will lust after indecency but his heart will be drawn to the one that’s modest. What men want women to know is that the inner beauty is worth more that their outer.

In conclusion, the relationship between men and women have been strained based on simplistic roles being blurred. Women have been taught to suppress what comes natural to them and expect men to accept them just as they are. The truth is men are a disservice to women by not being truthful.

Friends having fun outside
Friends having fun outside